Physical Energy vs Will Energy

This isn’t the best title for what I want to write about here, but it will be a working title for now as I come to grasps with how to best describe these two energies. Physical Energy refers to, well, your body’s resources in the physical sense: your muscles, your heartbeat, your blood pressure, your health. I guess it is how much stress your body can take and how much pain it can sustain, a measure of physical health. Depending on how much Physical Energy one has, it could determine how fast one can run a 5km race, or even complete one at all.

In course of my own actions, I have come to discover the importance of Will Energy. By Will Energy I mean willpower, determination, and how much you want to accomplish something. There is an infinite and also finite amount of Will Energy in people. There is also an important relationship between Physical and Will Energy. Let me explain.

I have come to realize that when a person is inspired to do something, even without physical energy or resources, that thought or that goal or his drive will propel him to find a way, or even re-allocate resources whether within himself (like his own body) or from without. For example, a person who is unable to complete a 5km run would, because of determination, will himself to complete it by borrowing his body’s future resources, and then suffer the consequences later (by sleeping of course.) By nature I guess our bodies pace our resource consumption so that we don’t overwork our bodies and have enough for the whole day. But Will Energy can change this.

Similarly, if we take it on a larger scale, Will Power can provide the loan of a month of resources and re-allocate them to a single use when the moment arises. Or a year. Or a century. Which allows people to do great things when they are determined. Things beyond their reach.

Which is why inspiration is so important. That hot-blooded passion to do something can change everything and turn all things to flow in your direction. The harder problem is not physical energy, but rather the lack of Will Energy. It is not easy to sustain determination or passion or inspiration. Once that whithers, so does physical energy. That is why there is a tremendous amount of inspirational blogs and social sites such as Pinterest and Dezeen. And also inspirational movies and documentaries. These serve as Will Energy replenishing sources so that people can sustain their passion and not get bored of whatever they are doing. In other words, staying inspired.

So why is it finite and infinite at the same time. I guess by finite I mean that it does run out easily, and especially in this age of information when we are constantly bombarded by the internet, nothing interests us for very long anymore and we run out of inspiration to do anything. Infinite because if you know how to tap into that energy within, you have an infinite supply to draw from. It is a game-changing energy that comes from within and one must learn to recognize and draw it out. Much like the Nine-tails in Naruto (pardon my anime reference). Which is why people with lots of WIll Energy and know how to harness it inevitably become leaders of our time, such as Obama, because they are constantly able to fuel people’s thoughts and hope, to push them to see beyond the current state, and to provide vision for the future. They propel humanity, change society, and drive us to the next level.

That is why it is always important to stay inspired.

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