In the course of producing work, I’ve found myself expressing more and more with words. It is inevitable since I am very often involved with typography, such that the graphic components of a piece of work do not suffice for my expression. It is also propelled by the type of constructional thinking that comes along with reasoning and logic, one that is linear and perhaps a little different from imagery. I do not know where these writings might lead me, although I imagine them to evolve and grow in an organic way, perhaps leading to bigger projects in some shape or form. They serve somewhat as theses, inquiries, or just naïve questions, and are in some way projects within themselves.

Nothing on this site is set in stone. It is in fact for this very reason that I chose the internet as my medium so that these internal discourses might be of a fluid nature. You are more than welcome to read, comment, or even link to these writings as you deem fit. Feel free to e-mail me at neonspice@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss about something that I wrote.