line vs surface

do u know
when British won the war with China over HongKong
it was a classic demonstration that Linear thinking won over Surface thinking?
Western thought has always based itself on linear thought, on writing and logical arguments and equations
whereas Eastern thought has always been wholistic, like I-Ching and Taoism, where they do not over-analyze things and understand things as a whole
because of this difference
Western thought allowed the West to develop mathematics and science
and not the East
and thus
moon says:
wht did they do instead/
Nelson says:
they develop recipes, art and music!
moon says:
Nelson says:
food recipes
moon says:
Nelson says:
but because of the many wars
in the 20th century
and all that shit
in China
after the Cultural Revoolution
and even Sun yatsen
China has abandoned its original mode of thinking
which is surface thinking
and adopted western logic at such rapid pace
into the industrial revolution
and western science
which is why Chinese people are different today
and it conflicts with alot of traditional values
they are convinced that surface thinking is weaker than linear thinking
but that is actually not true
so one of the things i want to do
moon says:
i am wondering why there is a gap in the development/ evoltion of chnese technogies and cultures
Nelson says:
is to help people undertsand the value of surface thinking again
moon says:
they west is doing this
Nelson says:
yes they are
moon says:
try to do yoga and shop at wholefood
Nelson says:
moon says:

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